Sunday, 16 October 2016

Look who's back...

Back in July, we received word of one of "our" birds in Oslo, Norway (see here).

2ALP had been ringed as a chick on Blue Circle Island in Larne Lough in 2013 and hadn't been seen until last winter, when it spent the early part of the winter at Whitehouse Lagoon, Belfast Lough.

At the end of September, Suzanne photographed 2ALP back at Whitehouse. it's fantastic to confirm the bird back in NI.

Photo by Suzanne Belshaw

Also seen at Whitehouse on the same day was T56W, a Polish-ringed bird which has overwintered at this site for at least the past two years (see here and here).

Photo by Suzanne Belshaw

Many thanks to Suzanne for her reports and photos.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Another Grampian Oyk in Ireland

You might remember the report of a colour-ringed Oystercatcher at Belfast Lough this time last year and in case you don't, click here!

The bird had been ringed by Grampian Ringing Group and was the third record of one of their birds here.

Recently, Suzanne managed to photograph another bird which turned out to be part of the same study.

T96 at Killough, Co. Down
Photo by Suzanne Belshaw

T96 was seen at Killough, Co. Down and we've heard back from Harry Scott at Grampian Ringing Group that it had been ringed as a chick in June 2015 at Strathdon. 

It was one of a brood of three, one of the first broods of young birds GRG fitted with yellow darvics.

T96 with its siblings
Photo by Harry Scott
Many thanks to Suzanne for passing on her sighting and to Harry for the information. 

If you see a colour-ringed Oystercatcher which you think if part of Grampian Ringing Group's study, you can contact Harry at picades (@)